Bio-mass briquette alternative fuels

BCDO is driven to increase local awareness of environmental issues, healthcare and expenses. BCDO is providing learning sessions on how to make briquette fuels constant fuel supplies from different leaves and grasses. This project works to help community members lessen their dependency on non-renewable resources for their daily needs. By lessening the dependency on firewood, briquettes work to reduce levels of indoor air pollution such as smoke, as well as reduce the labor required for woodcutting. In this chapter, BCDO provides the demonstration on methodological and formulaic products of briquette pressing setup. Women are the first priority in encouraging a briquettes project in order to promote the alternative environmental issues.

  a. Briquettes produce more heat and are a reliable source of fuel for cook with less smoke, lessening the harm of indoor cooking and labor requirement of fire fuels.

  b. Briquettes are relatively simple in production and collection and are easily transported, lessening labor in both production and transport. Production necessities are cheap and in some cases free of cost. The only inputs necessary are readily available and renewable sources such as leaves, grasses and farming wastes.



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