Before I had entered Cambodia I already knew about BCDO and planned on volunteering for one month. What I did not know was how many friends I would make, lessons I would learn and experiences that I would have.

The complete flexibility of this particular organization is something quite special. The ideas and concepts that Sopheap and Lim have based BCDO around are wholly good, involving environmental degradation and general poverty. This perspective has allowed the incorporation of social, economic and educational issues from the surrounding districts. Personally I believe BCDO’s ideology has surpassed those of any major corporation that have attempted to give aid to the Botumsakor region.

I have already agreed to be an international administrative assistant. The Botumsakor Community Development Organization is a good thing and with continued efforts will continue to be greatly beneficial for the community and Cambodia. The experience has allowed me to grow as a person and improve many skills, but without continued attention the project will not flourish. I would strongly encourage anyone to visit and volunteer with BCDO of the benefit of themselves and the community.

Thank you BCDO