Pierre, France

Volunteering at BCDO

While visiting Cambodia only as a tourist, I came by Andoung Toek village, Botumsakor district, Koh Kong Province! I met Lim, the executive director who knows a lot about organic farming and about the district, its people and its jungle! He talked to me about this very nice project he had started two years ago.


This organization is really avant-gardism in Cambodia and can be very valuable for the district since the sustainable development is not yet the main priority in this Country. Even if lots of organizations try to provide education to children within the country, this one is very particular thanks to this very good idea of teaching children not only English and how to behave with each other, but also: The Organic Farming and how to protect their environment!! The worth of their project is one thing (a very important one) but the other very important thing about this organization is that all the people working for it are very welcoming, care mostly about involving people in their project more than taking profit out of the tourism for their organization, and are 100% devoted to help the development of the district.


I really had a great time there and learn a lot. If anyone want to help in a worthful project and can give some of his/her time, you should definitively contact them!!!!

Thank you BCDO (or "busy do" ;) ) Take care, keep on doing a great job there, it will pay!!!


Voice of BCDO-Director

(Pierre, Helped in digging the fish pond, contributed polyethylene sheeting plastic for fish pond, wrapping screen for chicken houses and some money for study materials)